Enhancement of Technical & Vocational Education and Training Project

Enhancement of Technical & Vocational Education and Training Project


The Government of the Republic of Suriname {GOS) seeks to improve the  preparation of students  in Technical and Vocational Education and Training {TVET) at the Lower Secondary School {LSS) level in Suriname. This project is part of Phase 2 of a program of enhancement commenced by GOS in 2011 to ensure that all students at the LSS  level participating in TVET have opportunities for skills development, as well as additional pathways for advancement in the education system. The project focusses on enhancing the effectiveness and efficiency of the system to deliver quality TVET, and on skills development designed to enhance the competitiveness of the workforce in the long-term.


The project is implemented with the support of lending provided by the Caribbean Development Bank {COB). The Project Coordinating Unit {PCU) is seeking eligible and qualified persons to fill the following position:


TVET Specialist

The primary task of the TVET Specialist will be to ensure that the Educational Capacity Building components within the project are carried out according to the implementation plan and in line with the work program.

Education: A minimum of Master's Degree in Education or a related area.

Experience: At least 10 years of related professional work experience in Education, with a preference given to experience in the Technical and Vocational Education and Training {TVET) sector {public or private). International experience is an asset.

Professional skills: Demonstrate analytic ability and good report-writing skills.  Fluency in both English and Dutch.

The complete Terms of Reference and all requirements for the position can be requested by email:  cdb.tvet@gmai l.com or at the office: Rode Kruislaan 11!!, tel.no: 499808.


Interested applicants can send their CV and soli citation letter via email at cdb.tvet@gmai l.com,no later than 3.00 PM (Suriname Time) on June 28, 2018 to:


MINOWC Projektenbureau

Attn: Carol Nijbroek, Project Manager Rode Kruislaan lla

Paramaribo, Suriname